Ink Cartridge error, replace cartridge- on a new cartridge

I recently replaced my Green (PiezoPro K5) cartridge and I keep keeping a “ink cartridge error, replace cartridge” error. I end up having to release the cover, remove and then re-install the cartridge and it works again for a short while. What’s the issue? Again it’s a new cartridge and is quite full.

this is often due to the small silver lock tongue at the bottom of the ink bay channel slot being bent down which happens if carts are put in too quickly.

Take the cart out. Take a flathead screw driver. Life this metal tongue up a few mm and it will lock properly and you should be good.


Or, you could try cleaning the contacts on the cartridge with an eraser. I have a yellow cart that acts up occasionally, and that fixes it.

Thanks, I’m still having the issue once in a while. Next time it acts up i’ll double check the contacts.