Ink Cartridge Error Epson 3880

I have an Epson 3380 that is all of a sudden is displaying a “Ink Cartridge Error Replace Ink Cartridge” message and the LLK cartridge icon is blinking. The cartridge contains GO and is nearly full. Since I last printed successfully (~2 weeks ago), I have removed, agitated, and re-installed the cartridges.

I have performed the printer reset procedure (power on, remove cartridges, remove tank, power off, wait, power on, load tank, load cartridges, close door) twice but the error message persists. I happened to have a spare (empty) LLK cartridge with chip and swapped it in place of the existing cartridge - still the error message.

Any additional suggestions? Could a line be clogged? I don’t often print using GO. Thanks.

Problem solved. I obtained a service manual online. There are two fixes for this error code. 1) Replace the cartridge (did that to no avail). And 2) “Check the connection between the CSIC and the main board, and fix any abnormality.” A CSIC appears to be an ink cartridge sensor (_ _ integrated circuit?). Before disassembling the printer to inspect the main board, I tried jiggling the cartridge a few times. The printer recognized the cartridge and the error code resolved.