Ink Blobs


Hi, probably not the perfect place for this post, but I use this printer (Epson 7880) for both DN and regular Piezo prints. And as you can see I am getting ink blobs and ink on the edges of the paper when I print on Hahanamhule Photo Rag 308 but not pictrorico. So I am guessing print head gap issues? I’ve done a quick dap around the “head parking” area but still getting the blobs. Thanks for the groups help. Robert


If increasing the gap width does not do the trick, it may be the paper. HPR 308 is thick, and it may also not lay flat when placed on a table. The corners or the sides may just curl slightly enough inwards towards the coating - and if so the edge will make contact with the print head. If that is the case with your sheets, gently roll back the corners or edges…gently. Try to put the paper back into its flat state. Also can be a result of humidity changes…if dry in your print room. Once seemingly flat paper will curl inwards towards the coating as it loses moisture…