Ink blobs with 1430 and CIS

Overall been getting good, printable digital negatives with the 1430 but have run into one annoying problem. I get random ink blobs/streaks on the negative. Most of the time it will be at the end but once in a while it will occur in the middle…which ruins the negative.

I have the 1430 on a stable, flat surface. The CIS is up on the box that it came in(per instructions). If I raise it up I get more of a problem. If I lower it to table height I can see the ink lines recede back and I get an air gap. This causes gaps or empty jets. Any ideas? Thanks!


Blobs originating on the negative but not starting on the edge are usually due to dirty clean boxes. Blops that originate on the edge of the media are the result of the head striking the media (these are the most common).

For the former you can clean your printer’s clean box and wiper blade as per our video. Also clean under the print head.

If it originates on the edge, it is because the media is curling up at the edges - but this is unusual with Ultra Premium OHP. However, if you are printing all the way to the end of the media then this can be a result of the media no longer being held in contact by the paper feed. Adding a feed strip to the beginning and end of the film can help that. You need to compensate with a custom page size when you do that.

Walker may have some other ideas for you.



Thanks. That is great information. I will do a cleaning of the unit. The best place for the CIS is STILL on top of the box it came in? Correct?

Especially like the idea on the custom paper size. I have added a feed strip to the end but never thought to adjust paper size. I will put one on both ends and adjust the size.

It is a fun adventure. Good negs actually print well right out of the gate.

Thanks again