Increase CGO to eliminate bronzing


In some test prints on Ilford Gold Fiber Silk, I’m getting some gloss differential where the quarter tones transition into the highlights. RGB values around 215. It reminds me of printing on my 9800 with P2 inks where the IGFS and other similar papers (Canson Baryta, HFA Photo Silk Baryta) needed 2 or 3 passes with GO to eliminate bronzing. It’s not as severe as a P2 print with the IGFS or its clones, but it’s there.

How does one increase the CGO applied? It was straightforward to modify the GO curves, not sure with the PiezoPro curves.


I have some much higher GCO curves in the lab, will send you the LLK channel numbers.





Then you can use blender to tune between the two curves to modify the GCO to your heart’s content.

Yes, some heavy baryta papers go wonky when interacting with GCO (or GO).



I am having a similar problem with Canson Barya 310 and need some way to increase GCO .



I ended up increasing the GCO values by 5%; this solved the problem for me.


Hey John. Here’s the LLK channel for x880 and x900 series printers increased by 10%.

x880: [attachment file=29394]

x900: [attachment file=29395]

Replace your # LLK Curve section in each .quad with this content. (You can open the .quads up in a text editor, I suggest Sublime Text).

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-Walker (1.21 KB) (1.18 KB)



Prints are beautiful,