Inconsistent 129 step target print


I’m working on calibrating cyanotypes. I did my initial Limiter print and created a curve.

I printed the iProfiler target: PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro1.tif. The printed target is attached. Looks to be on track.

Then I got into the iProfiler software and found it not intuitive at all. So I switched to ColorPort.

I proceeded to print the following ColorPort target: PiezoDN-129step-i1Pro.tif

This target looks way off…like half the target doesn’t print.

I used the same curve so i don’t understand what is going on. Any advice is much appreciated.




You probably did not refresh your hydrogen peroxide?

Darkroom control w cyanotype needs to be totally dialed in.

I don’t think you will need to linearize though because that first print from the first cyanotype curve looks better than 99% of all the cyanotypes ever printed.

Just make sure you keep your developer and temperature and coating procedures exactly the same.



Alright, thanks Walker!