In PPE, is there a way to copy Measurement data (L* and Den) from the HOME sheet?

I need to analyze (outside of PPE) the values in the L* and DEN columns in the measurements on the HOME sheet of PPE (I need the smoothed values). Unfortunately, the range cannot be selected for copy. Would it be possible for you to clear the Select Locked Cells checkbox in the Protect Sheet dialog box?

hmmm, smoothed values are always 256 values. These can be pulled from the bottom 256 rows of the i1Profiler sheet.


I also need the densities.

pasting these 256 values into the False corrections column will give you the densities although I believe the Den column is not selectable per-se


The Den column is not selectable. There’s always screen scraping an OCR.

Hi John,

If you really need density values, and there is no way to copy them directly out of PPE2, I have a spreadsheet that I modified from one of the tools from Richard Boutwell’s website (long ago so it may not still be there) that converts L* to Density values. RB’s original was only for 21 values, but I was able to modify it to accept 31-, 51-, 101-, and 129-steps, each version saved as a separate sheet. This was several years ago, but if I can remember how I did it I’m sure I can make a 256-step sheet as well.

The one thing I was not able to do, given my limited Excel skills, was to make a single sheet that automatically adjusted to any number of input values.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Hi Keith, thanks for the offer! This is not an ongoing requirement. I only need a single set of L* and Den, and it doesn’t even matter if the L*'s have been linearized.

I’m pretty good at VBA, so if you ever need me to bang out some code, I’ll be glad to do it. Programming Excel in VBA is so much easier than writing and debugging spreadsheet formulas.

my internet has been dead for awhile. I sent you PPE v2.2.2 with the smoothed/+den selectable . . let me know how it is.


It works just fine. Thanks!

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