IJM LF cart life

I’ve been mindlessly happily using a set of IJM refillable carts in my 9880 since 2011! In the last month or so, some of them, when removed for agitation or refill, leak a lot of ink at the output until the pressure is relieved. Not complaining, I’ve gotten a lot of use and life from them. My only question is, would one expect the output seal/valve mechanism to reach an “end-of-life” at some point, or might there be some actual problem to look into? Since, after 12 problem free years, more than one cart started this within the same month or so, it’s a ponder…

Thanks, Tyler

The springs are getting old and this is not sealing the outlet with the ball anymore.

Probably you just need to replace the springs.


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thanks Walker, on the other hand 12 years is as much or more than could be expected. I believe you mentioned your newer carts were much better, I’ll weigh my options. T

IMO if something works that long keep going . . .

but maybe just find new spring.