ICC profiles using I1Profiler

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Until now, I have been making the ICC profiles using the Piezography Professional V2 ICC profile option.
I have read on this forum that Walker recommends making the ICC profile by using I1profiler software, if that one is available, as it is more “accurate”. Just to clarify things, I just use the ICC profiles to tweak manually the contrast curve to match screen to print (softproofing the file then, with "Preserve RGB values activated) and not to print with it with color management activated.

  • If this is the case, would you still recommend making the ICC profile with the i1profiler?
    -Now the important question: How to make that ICC profile with the i1profiler software and I1pro 2 spectrophotometer? I have made many ICC color profiles with it in the past, but it always goes with the actual creation of a chart, and then measuring it…
    This is what I have been trying to do, using the instructions of Piezography Professional V2:
    a) Go to the tab i1Profiler ICC data - copying that and saving into a .txt file
    b) When I go to I1profiler, I cannot find any “measurement” section where I can import a .txt file. In fact, I cannot find any place on that software where I am allowed to import a .txt file, just .pxf files to load charts, or .mxf to load measurements…
    Could you please enlighten me in the precise way of making the ICC profile with I1profiler based on the data we copy from Piezography Professional Edition V2?
    Please do not hesitate in copying a couple of screenshots if needed…

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If you are only soft-proofing, than the Profiler I built will work just fine for that.