ICC Profiles on Win10 Colprof?


it seems you’re using the same piece of software as comes with Argyllcms (colprof)?

I tried it and it seem to work but I see at least one thing that is begging for a question, it seems like these profiles are only useful for soft proofing, right?

In ColorThink Pro (CTP), the absolute colorimetric rendering intent is useless which suggest something wrong with the profile. All other intent, seem ok and are exactly the same as relative colorimetric intent. Also notice the primaries are wrong as per CTP.

./colprof -d pc -R -Zb -v -C"Your Name Here" -A"Your Name Here" -Zbr -D"$sname" -qm -cmt -dpp $fname

This is your original command line in the shell script you provided. I wonder why you have 2 -d argument, one (-d pc) for “Critical print evaluation environment (ISO-3664 P1)” and one (-d pp) for the “Practical Reflection Print (ISO-3664 P2)” I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable about this, just curious. Same with -Z as well.

The “TI3” file provide 656 “sets” , 256 gray patches and the rest are color patches, I suppose you have to do this for colprof to work,right?

I see the lowest L* measurement is 12.8, I hope this is for a matte paper? That’s from the original data in PP 2.2.1 .

Last question, the tab “I1Profiler ICC Data”, is this one to be used to create the profile using I1 Profiler?


I was pretty new to colprof at the time so there very well could have been a problem with this command. I haven’t taken a look at it in a while and it’s FOSS so by all means if there is a better command do change it.

Yes. It’s an RGB profile with “fake” RGB data interpolated from the 256 steps.

Of course.

i1Profiler is for xrite software, the other sheets is for Piezography ICC tool.


From my little experience with matte papers, 12.8, sound pretty darn good,cool!

Yes, but somewhere I see the Piezo ICC Tool only works on a Mac, right?
If I can use the I1Profiler Data (both actual plus fake) to generate an ICC profile it would be fine with me.

Maybe I should ask another question, any of you ran especially Print Tool on a PC Virtual Machine running OSX?

12.8 is not uncommon with UltraHD Matte Black ink. Our recent world-record is 12.45 L*. We don’t mess around with Matte Black ink productions.


You can in conjunction with i1Profiler (licensed for RGB ICC creation).

You can only run OS X virtual on Mac Fusion (Mac on Mac) or with a Hackintosh.