ICC Profiles in Photoshop


Should the provided ICC profiles included in \ICC\PiezoDN be used for soft proofing within Photoshop? Reading thru the documentation I am clear on using them with QTR Print Tool but am on a Windows platform and hoping I can use a ICC profile to soft proof in Photoshop and adjust as necessary for the desired contrast results.

If I copy the PiezoDN ICC profiles to the proper location and soft proof within Photoshop I get some crazy results with varying color casts on some profiles and other strange artifacts.

Soft Proof Setup:
Relative Colormetric or Perceptual
Black Point Compensation Enabled
Simulate Paper Color and Black Ink are Enabled

For instance with the above settings for the 4900 Salt IlgMGIV ICC profile I get a very dark image with a Copper Green color cast.




So, because the PC does not allow ICC profiling at print-time, you just want to soft-proof with the Default-PtPd icc profile in photoshop. Turn Preserve Color Numbers on and this will simulate the fine printed tones when using a linear workflow (aka qtrGUI).

Don’t use the other profiles to soft-proof with.



Hi Walker,

What is the difference between then provided Pt/Pd ICC profile and the provided Salt IlgMGIV ICC profile? Wondering why soft proofing with Photoshop would only work with the Pt/Pd profile.

I will turn on “Preserve Color Numbers” and see if that works.



The default ICC is actually the one to use as long as you have linearized your curve before-hand.

I’m going to get rid of the less generic ICCs once I publish v 2.4. They were a youthful blunder and are unnecessary.