ICC Profile not recognized


Hello Walker, I am trying out the QTR Create ICC RGB droplet to make soft proofing profiles from the Piezography Blend Tool data but the resulting .icc files are not being recognized by Photoshop. Any idea what am I doing wrong ? Cheers, Tom


They are named QTR_. . . . . Take a look in the RGB profile section for ICCs starting with that name.





Hi Walker, I’m not sure what you mean. I made this .icc profile using the droplet, and it gave it a name based on what the curve was called and left the file on my desktop. I did look into the ICC folder of the PP2 folder, I did not see any QTR_ named files there. The file that resulted on my desktop from the droplet did take the icon appearance of an .icc file, but it is greyed out when I try to load it into PS custom proof dialog box. Cheers, Tom


Hi Walker, I see the profile you speak about in the Library/Colorsync/Profiles folder. That is not the one I am on about. I was wondering if you know of any issues with the droplet and the blender tool making unusable / corrupt .icc files. I actually renamed my file Gray Matte Paper and copied over that file in the QTR subfolder(alias) and lo, it did not appear as it just had in the PS custom dialog box. Reversing the process made it appear again. Cheers, Tom


Problem solved, the icc profile will be recognized by PS (and works well) if you use the QTR Create ICC Profile droplet and not the QTR Create ICC Profile-RGB droplet like it says in the directions of the Blender Tool.


The RGB ones just show up in the RGB icc section (middle not at bottom).