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I must have missed something. I created an ICC profile and drug it into the Applications>Piezography>ICCs.>PiezoDN file. The file name is 4900_PiezoDN_JH_Pt_Pd_Arches.icc. When I attempt to print from Print Tool, the ICC does not show up. All of the other ICC’s in the file do though. Have I missed a step? Thanks for your help.

  • Jim

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The profile will be at the very button under the QTR_ sub-menu.






Thanks for your quick reply! Interestingly, the file that is listed in the QTR_ sub menu is still named as originally generated? why did it not accept the renaming after I created it?


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Hi Jim -

You can rename an ICC profile so that the new name appears in the profile list, but it is not as simple as changing the file name.

  1. Open the ICC you want to change in ColorSync Utility.
  2. Go to Line 1 'desc'.
  3. Go to the ASCII Name field.
  4. Change to whatever you want the new name to be.
  5. Save.
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Of course, I learned this from Walker.



Thank you Keith!