ICC Profile NOT Appearing Under Print Tool


Dear Walker

I have successfully created 3 difference ICC Profile using different “Limiter”…and successfully put them into PiezoDN ICC folder…

But, after that, i do not see those curves appearing under PRINT TOOL…

Is there a limited number of ICC can be put under Print Tool…??? I use the same procedure like before, and few days ago I can use the ICC profile created by myself…but just now…i don’t see them appearing in Print Tool…

Any suggestions??

Many thanks



Dear Walker

I figure it out…i should not change the name of the ICC Profile once it is created…i should confirm the name before i drag the tab delimited file to QTR-Create_ICC…




Thank you so much…!!! I am sure you know it is very important to use a name that “we” can remember when we have so many ICC Profiles… : )



There is a way to change the name of an ICC after it has been created, which Walker kindly shared with me somewhere. (I don’t remember which thread.)

  1. Open the ICC in the ColorSync Utility by double-clicking it.
  2. Highlight line 1 "Localized description strings".
  3. Edit the ASCII Name to whatever you would like.
  4. Save.