ICC profile creation - image turning black when "Simulate Paper color" is activated?

Hi there,

I have successfully linearized the K6 remapped curve. This is the last measurement I got.

I suppose that is linear enough. Should I use the curve that gave that measurement? Or, should I run another iteration of linearization on the basis of these measurements, and then use the resulting New Curve to print? That is what I have decided to do…

Then I have made an ICC to softproof (in linear mode) and correct the contrast myself. I have followed the instructions, but there seems to be a problem. I have deleted the Starting Curve data, and kept the Measurements I show above in the PPEv2. Then I have copied and saved the Piezography ICC Profiler data as ti3, and then run it through the application to obtain the profile. Then installed, open in Photoshop and used to soft-proof. I am using it to softproof in linear environment, so Preserve RGB Values on. All good, it shows the predictable loss of shadow depth and contrast. THE PROBLEM happens when I click on “Simulate paper colour”… The image turns black!! The simulate ink colour works as it should: it shows a loss of Dmax. But the simulate paper colour has a problem and turns the image into almost black.
What is happening here? Am I doing something wrong?
I am attaching to this post the measurement data I used to create the ICC, and the resulting data copied from the tab Piezography ICC Profiler data.

data copied from Piezography ICC profiler data tab.txt (62.3 KB) MeasureHNDuo_150320_bis_M0.txt (22.8 KB)

Thanks for your help with these two questions!


Hi there,
I would appreciate some help with this.
Thanks so much!

Hi Rafa,

I don’t have an answer to your question, but I can confirm your observation with ICCs made with the Piezography ICC Profiler, though not with the QTR Create ICC RGB using the same input data. In my case, I am making a soft-proof profile for New Cyanotype.

Not much help, I know.


PS - Totally agree with Walker - that is linear!

linear. now go print

Hi Walker,
I know it is! Really happy about it.
I am working on a series of prints I need to print from Lightroom (book signatures) and for that I need to print with ICC. I intend therefore to softproof using the ICC in relative intent. And when I click on “simulate ink and paper”, the image turns black. There seems to be a bug somewhere, I just do not know which one.
That is the reason of my question. Any idea what is it I am doing that makes the image go black when activating the “Simulate paper” here? I am attaching the Measurement in txt I used to create the ICC associated to that curve. Also, the data I copied from the tab Piezography ICC profiler…