ICC Profile Created by New PiezoDN

Dear Walker

How are you doing?

I have successfully created an ICC profile using PiezoDN.

Question: When i want to photo-retouch my photos under Photoshop Environment, can i use this ICC profile as well??? I should put the ICC into the library of my hard drive right??

Question 2: under Print Tool, if i select NO Color Management, but just selected my own Calibrated curve in Curve 1, what is the different between using soft proof icc and not using soft proof icc?? But, remember, i tuned my photo using the ICC created under PiezoDN under PS environment already.

Please advice


You can use the ICC profile for soft-proofing yes. As the manual says, any ICC file placed inside of Applications->Piezography->ICCs->PiezoDN will be installed into the system automatically.

If you soft-proof w/ the ICC using Preserve Numbers check on and print with the Linearized .quad and no color management the result will be slightly lighter than your monitor but generally ok. It’s the normal “linear piezography” workflow.



thank you so much…