Icc for cyanotype

Hi, Folks,

Re-reading the DN manual got me thinking:

In the DN manual it says to use the PTPD soft proof icc for proofing for digital negs (or alternately choose in PrintTool), however wouldn’t this be very different if your goal is to soft proof for a cyanotype?

More specifically my question is this: by choosing the provided Piezo DN quad curve in QuadRIP for a cyanotype, am I assuming that its quad curve evolved from a file first proofed for PTPD (a flatter-looking file)? Or was the provided cyanotype quad curve created from a “normal” file?

(I don’t argue that bested practices means that I should use the software to make my own curves/profiles)! But in the mean time…

And Happy and Healthy 2020

PtPd and Cyanotype are the same contrast ratio about so you can soft-proof with the PtPd default icc and it works for Cyanotype.