Icc creation error?

Hi, trying to create an icc profile, have followed the video and have a ti3 file, but when dragging this into icc profiler get an error:

/colprof: Error - CGATS file read error : Unable to open file

any ideas

attached is text version of ti3 file


P2-GFS-HD-301119 .txt (62.3 KB)

Think it’s a formatting thing. It really wants them to be in proper rows. I just opened a new excel sheet (or google sheet) and pasted all of the data from the ICC tab or PPE2 just like you have into a new sheet then saved from google sheets as .tsv, changed to .ti3 and popped it in the tool and it worked, though shadows were a bit harsh but maybe that’s unrelated

Thanks for reply,

it was even simpler solution, i had the .ti3 file in my google drive on workstation and when dragging from here it failed, moved it to my desktop and dragged it icc creator and it worked fine :slight_smile: