i1Studio a lost cause?


Is it time to get rid of my $500 paperweight or is there hope of getting software to use it with Piezography Pro?




So far xrite has not updated their software to allow for ANY export of measurements values.

Nor does the device work with any third-party software. And there is no API for it . .

It doesn’t look promising.




I made this careless mistake too. i1Pro, i1Pro2, i1Studio, ColorMunkie they’re spectrophotometers right? NOT!

So before I waste even more money: Does the Spyder5Studio allow for the linearization workflow. Based on the lack of documentation, clunky software and cumbersome design of the i1Studio I would not purchase another xrite product.



Or would the SpyderPrint unit suffice ($150 less than the Studio bundle)? I don’t need more camera or monitor calibration capability, just the ability to linearize my PiezographyPro setup.



I think you need to call Datacolor and verify that their current spyderprint solution allows for just bare patch measurements. I have not validated this. The older ones do work. This would be an ideal solution (better than the clunkier ColorMunki types.) i1Studio (a dummer version of ColorMunki) will not work.