i1Profiler - which version?

Hi Walker
I seem to remember a post a while back where you mentioned the latest version of i1Profiler was unstable or had a quirk and you recommended not updating? I have looked but can’t find your original comment.

I am currently on mac0S 10.14 and running i1Profiler 1.8.2. But i1Profiler keeps wanting me to update to latest version (3.2.1)? Any reason not to do so?

In a related question, should it make any difference if I am printing i1Profiler targets from ‘work’ computer (Mac Pro 10.14) but then taking targets home and reading with i1Pro2 using older iMac (10.13) at home? And then taking data back to work and feeding it into main computer? Especially if the 2x computers are running different versions of i1Profiler?


3.2.1 is stable.

No different what comp you print from.


Great, many thanks !