i1Profiler software problem


About a week ago my i1Pro software refused to work in the advanced mode. I’m using a Mac book Pro with El Capitan. I started the case with X rite and they finally came up with the idea that I might have some corrupt profiles. So after we removed the profiles from both of the main Library folders the software started working right again. Through the process of elimination I had a corrupt soft proofing alias in my system library. Once I replaced that with a good one everything is working fine now. Support said that there was one other person having the same problem and he mentioned Quadtone rip. I was using my spectro with Colorport so I didn’t realize I had a problem right away.


Wow. Ok, thanks for the info.

Your initial -beta install could have caused this problem.



Actually it was a corrupt alias for the soft profiles I replace that and things started working fine


Interesting - I had exactly the same problem with i1Profiler in the last few days - together with XRite we cleaned all profile folders and copied back the profiles, which will probably be necessary / useful in future (lots of garbage from the last 10 years…). Do you have a screenshot of this alias?




Unfortunately I don’t, but it said’soft proofing’and it went back to the Piezography folder in applications>Piezography>ICCs>SoftProofing. If I remember correctly the alias was in my main library folder. I had a lot of old junk in my folder to but it wasn’t until I actually remove the alias that the profiler software would work properly. The alias would work with Photoshop and if you double clicked on it it worked but it hosed the Profiler software. It was sort of like finding a bad extension in OS 9. I guess you are the other guy that Bruce Wright was talking about at Xrite. Who would have thought.


Thanks - will keep an eye on this. At least for the moment it is working but I still prefer the Colorport solution with the Online tool. But it would be handy to have an offline solution as well.

And yes, there will probably not be too many working with these tools right now :wink: