i1Profiler 256 patches


Dear Walker and Forum-mates

May I know what will be the difference between using 256 patches rather than 129 patches in terms of linearization results?? Since i have already passed the linearization and ICC Process according to the PiezoDN manual…just wondering whether there will be much difference between 129 patches and 256 patches…

I really want to do a PERFECT linearization for my devices.

ANYONE DID IT in the past months? and do you mind sharing your results and feelings with me??

Thanks in advance.



QTR-Linearize-Quad will not work with 256 patches.

But don’t worry, you are still making the best dig-negs ever with this system.




Dear Walker…

BUT…there must be a reason for including the 256 patches in the image folder…right?

Any other usage i can apply to for now?



If you print/read the 256 patches in and send me the data and the curve you used to print with, I can linearize the curve with a profiler software I built in-house (only available internally for Cone Editions, sorry) that we use to build and validate master curves directly without QTR-Linearize-Quad. This is a service that we will soon offer but not yet.

That said, I’m seeing almost zero different between the 129 steps and 256 steps. I do certainly see a difference between 129 and anything lower though.




Dear Walker

Thank you very much for your reply. Let me try someone this month, and i will send you the 256 patches data and the curve i used to print. if i can’t make it…then see you in China : )