i1Pro3 21x16 target pwxf patches doesn't match the tiff file


I hope someone could help me :slight_smile:

I have an Epson P800 and the i1Pro 3 and when I print the 21x16 target, when I opened the “Piezography-21x16step-i1Pro3.pwxf” the patch sizes distribution are different from the tiff file, so I can’t measure them…

Does anybody have the 21x16 target pwxf file that matches the tiff file for the i1Pro 3

Thank you very much!

I know I asked this previously in an email but do you have an i1Pro v3 Plus or non-Plus?


Hi Walker,
I have the i1Pro 3 non-Plus (I answered in an email today)

Thank you!


Here is the fixed i1Pro v3 workflow file.

Piezography-21x16step-i1Pro3-fixed.pwxf.zip (8.3 KB)

It should be printed on “letter” size paper not A4.



I have the now discontinued i1Photo Prof 3. Should I try the fixed workflow file?