I have no Curves to select in Print Tool

I’m trying to print a 129-step Target, but don’t find any curves. I am going to linearize for ZiaType so I had planned on starting with the Ziatype.quad, but there are no curves in the Drop-Down for Curve-1.

It’s been a while since I have printed negatives, so I am likely to be missing some simple step. I’ve breezed though the manual several times and can’t find anything that I’m overlooking. I have already reloaded both Community and PiezoDN.

Can you coach me through this?

Did you run the install command for the 7800 from the 4800-7800-9800-PiezoDN-Pro folder? I only see the one curve in there - x8-PiezoDNPro-MASTER-beta.quad - but it should be available if you installed it.


Yes, I have loaded the Printer. Just to make sure, I just loaded it again and noticed a note in the dialog box that it wasn’t able to create a Curve Folder.

Is there a fix for this?

Reinstall qtr and do again.


Much better,

Thank you.