I cannot reset the PiezoDN Ink Cartridges on Epson 9900

Hi all, I hope you are all having a lot of fun printing!

For some reason, one of my inkjetmall cartridges, which was filled in the same way as the others with ink, is reading almost empty. It is not, the ink level is more or less at half between the maximum and minimum line.

Is there any reason why this cartridge might read empty when it is not?

Second and more practical question: I guess I can reset the cart, but I am not sure I can with the chip resetter I received with the order of the whole piezoDN system for 9900… The pins of the resetter I got do not seem to fit on the chip… Am i doing something wrong? Maybe the chip resetter you send is just for the maintenance tank? Which is the right resetter? Is there any other way of resetting the cart? Am I really forced to fill the cart with ink up to the top before resetting it? (i have no more ink yet, I would like to wait a bit to order a whole new system, maybe the new Pro line?).

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At the end of this video there is a reset demo.

Are you making sure you are following this procedure exactly?

Your resetter may be a USB-type machine that need to plug into a USB port to power up.

Your chip resetter will show on its body whether it is meant for maintenance tanks for cartridge chips.