How to Use PiezoDN to do Inkjet Printing

Dear Walker

I am trying to do linearization for 2 kinds of paper, Hah Photo Rag and William Turner…

I follow the menu (not yet release), and try to do a 51 steps lin. I use PiezoDN driver to print but the image turns out to be left and right flipped… should i just flip the image under Photoshop? Or i did something wrong?

I only concentrate on DN and have not touched inkjet print for months, and your advice will be much appreciated.


Harris, when we spoke on the phone yesterday I may have confused you. You can use the PiezoDN ink set to make prints, but can not use the PiezoDN software to linearize your prints nor make profiles for prints. You must use the ready-mades that you can install yourself.

In QuadtoneRip / Profiles / 4900-7900-9900-K7 / run the install command to install regular K7 curves for printing.

If you had to make changes to the installation of PiezoDN for your China model printer, you will have to make the same changes to the K7 install command. Go back over your original correspondence about installing PiezoDN for your model printer and check what you had to do to recognize your different printer model (I think 7910 not 7900 if I remember).

You will not be able to customize your printing curves, or make your own linearizations until we release Piezography Pro software which will also work with K7. However, there are many K7 profiles already on your computer waiting to be installed for most of the popular papers! You will use these curves. All of this is in the Piezography Manual! Read how to install and how to use the printing curves.

We will be bringing the Pieozography Pro software when we come to give the Piezography Workshop in Shanghai. So, see you shortly!

Dear Jon

Thank you very much for your reply. I know what you mean now…i will switch to my original QTR K7 Printer and print from there…many thks…

If i have another further question…i just wait for you to come! : )