How to Print Gloss/GO on my Existing Negative?

Dear Walker

i have printed a lot of negatives and all of them are very good. Can you teach me how to print a protective layer onto the existing film??? And do i need to do any test before i print onto my existing negatives?


The existing film already has a protective layer printed on it from the GO that is printed right when the other ink gets printed. You don’t want to run the negative through the printer again. this can/will damage it.



not readily. It take a lot of purging to get all they ink out and for it to print clear.

Bummer, seems like this could be a problem for alot of people. I’ve used K6 dual system and method 3 so my LLK has had shade 4.5 and 6 through it.

putting PiezoFlush through the line and letting is sit for 48 hrs and then flushing with GO works better . . . PiezoFlush will get rid of pigment particles.



Thanks Walker.


FWIW, I used QTR’s calibration mode and printed the LLK purge file. Took about 30 lettersize pages but the pages came out clear.

On that note…can GO be used in a channel that previously had ink in it?