how to know the version of the installed piezoDN?

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to find the version of the piezoDN installed but can’t find it (v.1.9 or v1.8?). I haven’t found it in the documentation. Did we receive a notification when there is a new version?

Best regards.


The easiest way to do this is to download and re-install.

I will add a version note in the WelcomePiezoDN.pdf on next releases. Thanks for the note.


Hi Walker,

I have the same question. I do not see a WelcomePiezoDN.pdf file in PiezoDN-Windows. But supposing there were one, and it said “v1.8”. How will I know to update it? That is, how do I find out that v1.9 is available? Do you send an email announcement? That would be a good solution.