How to disable print head using K7 with Piezography Pro V2 on 9880?


I am just setting up Piezography Pro V2 to use with my 9880 and K7 inks. When using Studio Print, I could disable the light light black ink position, which is filled with flushing fluid. How do I disable the that position when setting up Piezography Pro V2?

Thanks, Drew Harty

HMM. My email reply back did not post. Sorry about that.

Here’s my reply from a few days ago:

LLK (GCO) is for only gloss curves. A matte curve will not use it.

  1. Open a curve (.quad) in Sublime Txt.

  2. Select all.

  3. Copy into the starting curve (this is the same as is documented for linearization).

  4. Now delete the measurements in the measurements tab.

  5. In the “curve remapping” section go to LLK and set it to “NULL”

  6. Copy/paste the “New Curve” data back over the .quad open in sublime txt and save.

  7. Run the install command to update the curve in your system and print.

No GCO (LLK) will print.



Hello Walker,

LLK (GCO) is for only gloss curves. A matte curve will not use it.

Does this mean if I am using a matte curve (Photo rag 188) that the curve will null the LLK position automatically, or do I still have to go through the process you outlined to null the LLC position?

Thanks, Drew

I went through the process you outlined above to Null the LLK position (all the densities under LLK show as 0). I copied the data back to Sublime text and saved it to the Piezography > Curves > 7880-9880-K7 folder. I selected it and double clicked the Install9880-K7.command. I can see the new curve in the folder, but I don’t see the curve as a choice in Print Tools under QuadTone RIP 8 bit or 16 bit, curve 1 with the Quad9880-K7 printer selected. I’ve restarting my computer with no change.

Do I need to install the new curve in Quadtones? Any suggestions?

Thanks, Drew Harty

Set the permissions (get info) on the new .quad file to Read/Write for everyone. Then install. If still nothing, re-install QTR and then install. If still nothing run this command in terminal and then install:

sudo chmod -R 777 /Library/Printers/QTR/quadtone