Hose it down or purge it?

hey, I’m about to get another 7900 after being completely incapable of remedying my feed issues. The capping station and selector unit in mine is definitely in bette shape, so I intend to swap those and my head into this one. question I’m pondering though-- would it save some ink to undo the lines from the ink bays and shoot some water / distilled through them to get as much of the color ink out as possible, then just do an initial fill? would this alleviate the staining / having to print a bunch to get the lines to pure piezo?

If not, I’ll just swap the parts and do two power cleans then print it out on some bond paper, but it took about 30ft+ and 2-3 full purges of each color last time.


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Welp, I did the purge with distilled water. Worked a really well- did an initial fill and immediately saw no staining / color shift at all compared to my last qtr test patches. A little messy of course, but I do think this saved on piezo ink :+1:

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