Help R2880 Ink emptying From pk/mk and Cyan cartridges

Hello all. Hope for some help/ideas to solve an expensive problem I have been having. The issues is with my r2880 emptying ink mainly from the K and sometimes the Cyan Cartridge. I first suspected the cartridge but tried new ones(for K and Cyan) and had the same result. . . Although when I loaded my piezo flush cartridges I did not have the problem.

Main thing is it will not happen all the time. Seems to dump the ink on start up or after an ink change. This has been when I notice this happening. The print head will go to the left side of the printer and jog back and forth a few inches. (this is when I know I have a problem). After this happens I can press a paper towel down on the far left side of the printer and soak up a full load of ink.

Anyone have this happen or have any ideas to correct this.