Hello New User

Hello everyone,

Just a quick introduction, I’m David Higgs a alternative process printer in the UK and have been using the old method for many years now and am just switching to the newer DN system. I can see I have some catching up to do, and was nervous about switching as I had a good work flow using the old system.

Hopefully I can get help from those with experience here, and also be a help myself, I have been printing Platinum/Pd semi-professionally for myself and other artists for the last decade. I’ve just moved darkrooms so everything is all new and unfamiliar at the moment!





Welcome David! I’m sure this group can help you out if you ever get into any blocks. It certainly has for me! (I’m much newer to the PtPd side than most on this list.)




Hello David,

I always wondered how many users were in the UK. Well, there are at least two of us…