Head Swap

Welp, I’ve verified that the head rank ID is in correctly. I did the 1m feed adj, which was off a good 5mm, and did a manual head alignment, but all to no avail. The banding still persists pretty clearly throughout the gradient.

Our 9890 crapped out and the Epson tech let us keep the 9890 head. Considering that he’s right and that the head is the same as the 9900 (it does indeed have all of the nipples), do you think it’s worth me replacing the head? You can see banding in ~5 places throughout the circle gradient, shadows and highlights… I’m all for it, mostly asking on Jess’ behalf.


: )


As I posted in another thread on this topic, did you do the Piezography ICC profile process and validate if this smooths it out or not? My guess is you need more error correction in your tool which I can program in.

But do the ICC profile test first. Full instructions are now in the most recent PPE download.