Head strikes on pictorico - 3800

Hello all
Printing 11x17" sheets of PictoricoPro on my 3800. Using the Manual Rear loading after disabling the star wheels.
Getting persistent head strikes along the side edge of the sheet of pictorico as it is printing
Am I right in saying that there is no way to increase suction fan on a 3800?
Any tricks to get the sheets to lay flat as they go though the printer?
It looks to me like the edges of the sheet are lifting/sheet not laying flat, and the raised edge is getting hit by the print head


Dear Neil, I think I replied to you on the community forum just now.


Hi Walker, indeed you did, thank you and sorry for the double post

Sorry for the bother. I’m interested in your answer to this question but I can’t find it on the community inkjet forum. Searching on nwilliamson, head strike, pictorico etc
Can you reference the post in which you answered Neil’s question? Thanks!

Hi Mark
“Pictorico sheets on a 3800 - head strikes - how to lay flat?” is the title of the conversation on the inkjetmall community forum. This is an ongoing, not fully resolved, issue for me,

Thanks Neil,
Lots of info there!
The head strikes I experienced crinkled up the film and all but destroyed it. A true disaster-no pizza wheel mods or cover sheets etc - so far.
I’ll follow and try out the solutions after a brief foray out of town.