Head Alignment once P2 system installed - 7880

Hi there,

Following my problems with banding on my recently installed 7880 printer with P2 system, I am having banding going from horizontal to vertical orientation. At this point I would like to test again the Head Alignment… I see that ideally one should use Pictorico, but I have tried and several inks are not visible (the channel with Shade 5 and 6, also the ones I have with Piezoflush instead of GO)…

  • Is there a way to perform the Head Alignment once one has installed the P2 system?

  • Would you just check those inks that are visible and leave as default the others that are not visible?

  • Would you use normal paper, or Pictorico?

  • When printing the Head Alignment test, should I use the Standard printing settings, or select the Custom Paper settings I identified for Pictorico paper? (Paper feed adjustment, thickness, etc).

  • I assume Unidirectional - manual is the one to perform?

At this point, I am printing all those images without skies and they are coming out beautifully… but I need your help to troubleshoot what might be causing these bandings, many other images I need to print for a next exhibition are full of smooth and homogeneous areas of tone.

Thanks in advance and regards!


No need to answer. I could figure it out and performed the head alignment…

Some values needed to go from 5 to 4 (7 to be exact). I will see if that could explain the banding I obtained in smooth areas…