HD-Nutrial.txt file


Recently dowloaded the PiezoProfessional and noticed in the K6-1430 curve folder a txt. file called HD-Nutrial. I also just loaded the UltraHD shade 1 into printer. Should this txt. file be used to with the corrector tool? Say with Cone type2 quad. Or just use the existing quads with the Ultra ink?



There is no UltraHD curve for the 1430 yet nor are their any curves installed with PPE (only Community Edition).

This curve may have gotten into the 1430 folder in a different way, but not from our installers.

Regardless, simply drop the Ultra-HD in there and linearize off the existing curves and you should be just fine. The matte UltraHD-MK is a drop-in replacement that does not need special curves.

I did make some new UltraHD-MK curves for some of the more Pro-level printers but this was just to quicken the linearization process for PPE users not because it was exactly needed.