Has anyone purchased the new X-Rite iPro 3?

I’m a long-time Piezo printer and am currently using the PiezoDN system for pt/pd and photogravure. I have two of the original i1 Pros and, apparently, X-Rite has discontinued its software upgrade path. I am considering upgrading to the new model (and taking advantage of their trade-in deal).

Has anyone on this forum purchased the new X-Rite iPro 3 or 3 Plus? I’d very much like to know what you think. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A few customers have. There are actually two versions, the regular (can take the same charts as i1ProV2) and the Plus which requires larger patches. The Plus has very good low light ability (think screen calibration) but is not good for patch printing because the patches have to be 4x the size in sq/in.


I upgraded to the “2” within the past year. It’s substantially more efficient and capable than the “1”. I would assume that the three is a notch above that but I have no experience with it. I used a “2” in a workshop at Cone over two years ago now. That’s what gave me the urge to upgrade.

I purchased my “1” in 2003 as an EyeOne Photo and upgraded firmware/software a few times. Still works just fine… but at the end of the line software wise.

I use my spectros for some for Piezo Pro prints but its primarily used for color profiing various Epson wide format printers.

Bob Smith

Thanks much Bob and Walker. Just what I needed to know. Much appreciated.