Hard Proofing PtPd on inkjet using PPE2

Hello! Looking for some pointers.

I’m making PtPd prints and I would like to make hard proofs on inkjet paper before I commit to making an expensive and time consuming PtPd print.

Any pointers on where I can find the techniques to do this?

I have a great linearized PrPd wet process. I’m using PPE2 to print the negs and in Photoshop I can view a soft proof for PtPd. How do I make a profile to print the proof on inkjet?

Thanks in advance.

so sorry for late reply.

  1. Measure the maximum dmax of your platinum print.
  2. Print 256 step target.
  3. count up from the dmax step on the target until you reach the platinum measurement.
  4. Set this as the shadow limit number (so 20 steps up = 20)
  5. This new curve will be dMax limited to platinum