Hand modification to a print - dodging with windex

Here is a wild post. Somehow I got splatter on a print, white spots, who knows from where, toothpaste spray?
So I took a paper towel with some windex on it and tried to wipe off the splatter.
What I got was a lightening of the print which began to reveal more detail in the area. Black came off but the effect was more like dodgeing. The underlying mid tones remained. Wow.
The ink set was V2, paper Hahnnemhule metallic. Once the print was “ruined” i kept experimenting and was able to modify the deep darks and keep the structure.

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I love this!!! Exactly the sort of technique that I could embrace.

The print paper is glossy, i printed with the GO, i don’t think it would work on matte but that is on my list to run the experiment. Rub on, rub off.

You must be Dutch, My name is originally Schrijver. Isn’t that weird?

Yes Dutch, (well Dutch parents), via England, New York and finally LA.