Hahnemühle Hemp Paper Curves for x900 Pro Ink

I’m wanting to create Piezography Pro Ink curves for Hahnemühle Hemp Paper for the 9900. Edited to add: In the icc profiles for the paper, Hahnemühle instructions say to use Media Setting: Velvet Fine Art Paper at Quality 4 (1440 dpi). My understanding is Piezography printing using 2880 dpi. Should I be looking for a Velvet Fine Art curve or something else?

I did think print the patches using Bamboo Curves, however, it is naturally very warm toned versus the natural bright white of Hemp. Edited to add: What are the implications of linearising using this warm paper curve on a naturally bright white paper?

How do I choose the curve to print the patches with?

So many questions, such a learning curve…

TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to add: I’m also looking at Moab Moenkopi Washi Unryu 55 gsm paper. On the Moab website, for the SP-9900 it says use Media Type Setting: Enhanced Matte or Archival Matte or Ultra Premium Presentation Matte with MK inkset.

Use the 3 hahnemuhle Photo rag curves. Print all three, linearize all three.


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Thanks Walker. Should I also use the same Hahnemühle photo rag curves to print the Moab Moenkope Washi Unryu 55 gsm paper and create curves?

No, use these curves:



Thanks Walker, I’ll take a look.

Best wishes