GO overprint image only?

There is a great description in the FAQ about GO overprint for K7 in the FAQ, and i’m curious about doing this with Pro.

Walker, I think you described this for me while in VT last month, but as I read the FAQ, is I seem to recall you describing something different. I’m pretty sure it involves editing the .quad for the GO channel.

Anyone out there done this?

It works great with pro. Actually, since late 2017 early 2018 LOTs went into stock of the Pro ink, GO works with pro (as single pass) and GO will also work as a second pass. We tweaked both GO and the Pro ink to work better together just in case people wanted to do those things.


Thanks Walker. So, just to make sure I’m clear the way to do this with Pro is a second pass of GO on the image area by using a tweaked .quad as described in the FAQ? As in, there is not a way to do this with a single pass.

During my walk back from lunch I thought of something to try for doing this with a single pass. Edit the GO “curve” to not apply GO to paper white, and then make sure the image maps the specular highlights to be no more than 254, 254, 254.

yep. All of the Pro folders have NWGCO curves that already do this. It is a documented workflow.



In the thing that says, “readme”!!
How did I miss that??

Thanks for patiently working me through this. At least I have a good mental model now for what is happening.