Gloss Optimizer on Matte Curve?


I’m creating a new curve for Photopolymer gravure, first I limited the density using MATTE inks without any problem but when I measure the resulting print and enter the values on Piezography PPEV2 the resulting curve prints using the GLOSS optimizer (I’m printing with matte inks) and the resulting target doesn’t reflect the adjustment curve shown on PPEV2 , here are my measurement file, the quad files. (limited and linear) and screeenshots of the resulting adjustment curve, any ideas?

Thank you

Moises Levy

P2-SEL-UHD-Hahn308_Lim_NewHighV2_lim2.quad (7.1 KB) P2-SEL-UHD-Hahn308_NewHighV2_lim2_Man.quad (7.3 KB) Grabado_PhRag308_Lim_High_v2-b1_M0.txt (11.7 KB)

Please tell me what is the first curve and second curve thanks

also, neither of these curves has a gloss optimizer data (LLK channel data). the top line is the “Total Ink Limit” in the screenshot you uploaded.


Hello Walker

The xxxxxxxx_Man.quad is the second curve.

I don’t know why this curve prints with GO if the workflow from the first curve is with Mate ink, and also the curve that shows on PPVE2 doesn’t apply to the curve when printing.

Thank you

Walker this is the original Limited quad curve.

with the second curve Print-Tool prints all the sheet (with some tone) not only the image

P2-SEL-UHD-Hahn308_Lim_NewHighV2_lim2.quad (7.1 KB)

It looks like you had a highlights start point limit of 96.(something). This only services to create plate-tone. Go back to the pre-limit curve and make sure the highlight limit is unset. Only limit the shadows,


Thank you so much Walker, I don’t know how that number on the highlights (96.6) got there!, (I’m back in business)

In another theme… I’m agitating my cartridges but the PK cartridge doesn’t sound like moving the ink inside like the others, any ideas ??

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First, make sure there’s ink in there. Otherwise you’re probably fine,