Gloss Optimizer for Matt Black printing


Hi !
I need to use gloss optimizer for Matte black printing.
Is that possible ?
For now, I changed the “LLK” values in Curves (Pro inks) but there is a message when printing indicating that it is not possible to use the gloss while Matte Back is used (Epson SP9900)

So, I also tried to print gloss ONLY on the printed image (so I relod the sheet/roll after printing image) but the prints stop just like it sees there is already an image on paper (and says there is no more paper in printer)

Any Idea to help ?
Thank you



Hmm. GO does not actually gloss the matte paper.

What exactly are you wanting to achieve?




Please see these threads:

As I said above Gloss Optimizer will not make matte paper glossy. It will however seal the paper surface and make it more archival and change the color to be slightly bluer.