GCO printing full page on targets



I’m printing my first set of i1Pro2 targets on glossy paper (been doing matte do far) and I’m seeing the GCO printing over the entire sheet of paper. The target image size is just 7 x 3 in. and I would have expected GCO on just the image. Is this normal? It seems like a real waste of GCO if this is normal.

I know about the NoWhiteGCO, NoGCO, and LowGCO curves, but my understanding is that these are intended for cases where text bleeding is occurring.

How do I limit the GCO to just the image being printed (or is this even possible)?

Thanks, Dave

P.S. Any update on when the x900 K4 curves for the supported papers will be available?


Piezography has always been full-page gloss system in order to embed the image within it’s own printed gloss range just like silver or analogue gloss printing.

That said, Pro uses much less gloss optimizer than traditional piezography as the GCO is not printed fully over the entire sheet on a second pass like normal piezo.

We just got a bunch of papers in to start the K4-pro profiling for x890 and x900 printers.




You could always setup a smaller page size but print on a larger sheet size - and that would limit the GO to the page size setup.