Free fresh Epson 9890 with one clogged channel in Minnesota

There is an Epson 9890 with a clogged channel that has just been taken off line in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota area. It is in located in their entryway. They just installed a brand new replacement Epson 9890 printer so they have all the packing materials and pallet if you need that to move it - or you want to have it picked up by a moving company, etc.

The printer is free for the picking up. He does not want to ship it. So you need to take responsibility if you want this printer.

It has been on OEM inks and developed a clog. They have not tried to clear it with PiezoFlush. If you grab it - I suggest that you try that as it is very successfully used in these print heads with the INIT FILL procedure and 48 hour rest periods.

At the least (with seven operable channels) this will make a great K7 matte only or K7 gloss only printer. It can also be used as a matte only Piezography Pro printer. It can also be used as a PiezoDN digital negative printer. If you can clear the clogged channel it can become a full fledged Piezography Pro printer.

Contact Jeff Dunn at 715.549.5222