Follow UP - 9880 not Printing

Nobody has any suggestions for the problem outlined below? All Epson support is closed these days.

Walker, is this something you could help with, if I used your paid telephone support services?

Does anyone have suggestions about other sources where I might find answers?

I completed a piezo pro calibration and was printing my first test image, when my 9880 stopped printing before the print was completed. The bottom 1" of the 8x13 image fades to paper white. The rest of the image printed normally.

Now I can’t get a nozzle check to print from the printer control panel. The head moves, but no ink is deposited on the page. I tried printing from another computer hooked to the printer and got the same results: the head moves but no ink is deposited on the paper.

The printer is showing no error messages. I replaced the waist ink tank and did several head cleanings, which had no affect. I did see ink accumulation in the waist ink tank after the head cleans.

*Could this be a circuit board failure or pump failure? If so, which would you suggest I try replacing? I have a 9800 I keep for spare parts. *

Any suggestions?

I think this is an ink pressure error or possible a main-board or head-board error . . . slowly fading no lines? hmm . . .



Would the printer show an error message for the things you mentioned, or not necessarily?

Yes, the last 1" of the 13" long test print faded to paper white in an area that should have been black. (I had included a radial fade to a black permitter on my test print to see if there was any banding in the odd linearization that I sent you with the shadows, mids, and highlights going alternately above and below the ideal linearization line.)


please send a photo of this fade

that would be a total pressure failure, like the main pump. I’m pretty sure you’d get an alert about that, I recall getting pressure alerts for less, like a cart or whatever. Could be wrong. I suspect it’s electrical

Hello tboley,

I did replace the main pump, which had no affect on the problem. A service tech said it was electrical, as well, and said it was either the printhead, head driver board, mainboard, on any connecting cable in between. I replace the head driver board with one from my 9800 to no avail, then decided to look at new printers, as you can see in my recent posts.

Thanks, Drew