First Test of DN workflow on 3880

I’m setting up my 3880 and testing DN software today. I’ve been making prints for a couple of weeks so the hardware is fine and all the inks are flowing.

Just tested the OHP Ultra film with the neutral K6 inks, using Print Tool.

I’m going through Print Tool into QTR and selecting the curve for AC Plat Palladium. In the Print Tool initial dialogue box I select the only Plat Palladium designation in the pull down menu, Print Tool manages color. The tutorial did not tell me to select no color management for making prints.

I don’t really understand this initial PTool curve selection option if I am going to choose the curve in the QTR 3880 DN driver anyway. What if I’m not making a dig neg for Platinum Print but another process? Don’t understand. The Print Print Print section in the Piezography Manual is not very comprehensive in using Print tool to print the film.

My film is coming out reddish and rather thin, though all the detail seems to be there, I guess. I want to get a good print out of this before I start to linearize anything.

Finally, what is a basic exposure for Na2 Platinum/Palladium. Just want a ball park idea.

I see this was answered and resolved elsewhere. I will close this topic as it’s posted on Piezography Pro forum and not the PiezoDN one.