First Pro Test Prints

My first print was on my 7890 (stock ink) as a baseline printing from Photoshop.

Second print was on my 4880 using Piezography Pro ink, printing from Photoshop. The print was beautiful and much, much better than the standard 7890 b&w print.

Just tried printing with QuadTone Rip on my 4880 using Piezography Pro ink and the correct Quad Profile. The print was hideous:

  1. The print literally looked like I printed on the uncoated side.

  2. Bronzing was worse than I have ever seen.

All are printed on Canson Baryta, one of my favorite papers.

I assume I did something wrong, but other than linearizing, I followed all the instructions…

Did you ensure that all new ink has been flushed through the head and is printing? Are you using the Piezography Pro Curve? After installing the community edition (download from this site), plug your printer in and go to (and double click on) >Applications>Piezography>Curves>4880-7880-9880-Pro>Install4800-Pro.command.


After installation, make sure to print to the Quad4880-Pro printer and make sure to select the correct set of curves (cool, neutral, warm).


If you have done these steps, than you most likely have put ink in the wrong slots.



My bad again. When adding more ink to the carts, I put Warm M in 6 and Cool M in 7, hence two channels with essential the same color ink.


Just ordered replacements…

My bad may have not been completely bad. It seem that the QTR print for a 4880 is incorrect. While the channel names on the print’s left side are correct and correspond to the correct channel, that print order is incorrect.