First Piezography Pro Curve--Any Suggestions?


I completed my first Piezography Pro Curve with K7 neutral inks shown in the screen grab below. It reflects what my first Studio Print linearization always looked like: dark lower values and slightly bright high values. The K7-HahnPhotoRag.quad curve had bumps, so I used 70% Channel Curve Smoothing.

Does anyone have any suggestions about anything I should do before making a second curve?

I used the K7-HahnPhotoRag.quad curve for a 9880 printer. How is that curve different than the K7-HahnPhotoRagBW.quad curve, and which should I be using with neutral K7 inks?

Thanks, Drew Harty


I think BW stand for Bright White, it’s a different paper than PhotoRag, the one you should use depends of the paper you print on. If you go for Photo Rag 308, use the PhotoRag curve.

You can linearize the red curve here and print with the new .quad, then measuring it, you should have a linear red line then.