First Linerisation

Hi everyone, after years of playing with curves in PS and eyeballing prints, I’ve found the new DN linearisation process a revelation. I’ve got beautiful 129 step tablet in the wash - I can just see the tablet line between 0-1, and 99-100 - with a great change in tonality throughout - excellent work Walker. Currently I’m printing on a stock of COT320 kindly donated by Bergger, although the DMAX isn’t as good as the Hahnemuehle Plat Rag, I’m starting to print a delicate warm tone portfolio which suits the COT320 better. Printing in pure palladium plus homemade FO, developed in Potassium Oxalate that I first made up in 2010.

I’m going to dry overnight and create an ICC - and then start printing those images I could never get to work well in the past.

Its a silly question, but I can I use this same linearisation technique using the same tools to correct for positive images printed on rag308 and fine art baryta? I’m getting too much of a step between 100% black and 97-99 leading to a type of posterisation effect in the shadows.

Cheers - I’ll scan some images and post as they dry etc


Hey David. Super glad it’s working for you!


ps: Due to the style of work I see you do, printing with No Color Management (aka linear, after calibrating the curve but with no icc) may be the best way go for you as the ICC may increase your contrast and decrease your shadow detail too much.